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What is Tesla Coil Coin?

Tesla Coins are a new wave of crypocurrency that plan to be as innovative as Nikola Tesla himself. 100,000,000 million coins exist and that is the maximum that will ever exist. Tesla Coil Coins ride on the rails of the Bitcoin blockchain through the Omni protocol, leaving them in the same league with the competition.

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Not only is there Tesla Coil Coins, but here is a sample of a patented coil made by Tesla Coils, Inc. that further extends our passion for innovation.

Who was Nikola Tesla and why are is there a coin based off of him?

The why is easy, he was one of the most innovative individuals in history. And why not strive to be as innovative?

The who is a story itself.

Best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, Nikola Tesla was deemed a mad scientist by many. He never let anything stop him. His ideas were great and his want for seeing them come to fruition was greater. Through his exploits wireless communication became something to talk about. Scoffed at then, but now it is used the world over. He built one of the first wireless controlled boats, further proving his theory. In his lab he created everything his heart desired, from early X-ray imaging to mechanical generators.

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